Playing the Kinetic fitness games

The kinetic fitness games were introduced in the market in November 2010, and they have more advanced features that help one in maintaining physical fitness. The new technological advances in games allow for one to enjoy an interactive platform while exercising. The first feature that one will enjoy is the motion sensor. A body attached system that will record personal body movements and then transport them to the display unit for both assessment and visual purpose. The motion detectors will incorporate an analysis method that allows for one’s body movement is analyzed based on the preprogrammed expected movements. The video mode of the game also allows one to get motivation in conducting of the exercises as well as give one guides on how to conduct a given set of exercises.

The kinetic fitness games are also fitted with a voice recognition system that will enable one to make comments on the fitness progress. The vice recognition system also allows for the game to respond to presented vocal input. The preinstalled responses are made such that they present one with encouragement in training. The workout buddy of the latest kinetic fitness game; the biggest loser is also quite motivating during the practice. Some people have raised issues with the lack of background music while training, but to have a great effect of allowing one to practice in a natural rhythm.

The kinetic fitness games unlike the other games do not use controllers and thus one is able to participate in the game fully. The game calls for one to get off their couch and participate in the game. The requirements to play the game are quite easy for it is compatible with the Xbox 360 as well as the Nintendo Wii. The game is quite helpful to individuals who find it hard to make appointments with trainers or attending gyms.

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